Here’s Your Chance To Be Shoe-Buddies With Rihanna

If you can’t be her, dress like her


You’d think Rihanna — with her new album and role as creative director of Puma’s women’s line — would be up to her neck in work. But that’s not stopping her from adding another exciting collaboration to her fashion CV. This time, Bad Gal Riri has teamed up with none other than Manolo Blahnik, to create an exclusive capsule shoe collection.

There are six styles in the range, each crafted with rough-and-tough denim, and a sprinkling of sequins and embroidery inspired by Rihanna’s hand tattoos. And of course, the pairs are as funky and sultry as the popstar. Think waist-high boots (yes, waist-high), lace-up booties, sleek strappy heels, and a chic sequined pair that’s perfect for nights out.

Speaking about the collab, Rihanna said, “I have always loved Manolo Blahniks. Mr Manolo’s shoes are the most luxurious and timeless shoe there is! His designs make women feel incredible when they wear them, so to be able to collaborate with him and combine our sensibilities has been a dream come true!”

Well, how can we not get our hands on a pair when you put it that way, Riri?

Sadly, the collection isn’t available in Singapore, but the good news is the nearest place you can sweep up a pair is in Hong Kong (Elements Shopping Mall, 1 Austin Road W, Tsim Sha Tsui, specifically), followed by London and New York. No better excuse to go on a holiday than for shoes, we say.

Before you plan your shopping trip/holiday, click through above for a sneak peek of the collection!

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