#Hairsprouts Are A Thing

Um, it’s officially cool to have stuff growing out of your head


Remember when your parents told you not to swallow any seeds because a tree would start growing out of your head if you did?

That story doesn’t scare anyone any more. 

In fact, the hottest hair trend in China now (and fast spreading across the region) is to voluntarily stick a shoot in your tresses so it looks like you have a plant sprouting from your scalp.

Photo: Weibo

China-based blogger and Instagrammer The Beijinger posted recently, “Young women/men/everyone in Beijing is apparently now walking around with small plastic sprouts emerging directly from the top of their heads. A quick glance around Houhai on a Friday night or 798 on a Tuesday afternoon revealed a number of vendors doing a brisk trade in the accessories, with an even greater number of girls selfie-ing it up nearby.”

Sounds kinda eww, but it’s surprisingly cute. The bobbing sprouts, made of durable plastic, are attached to tiny clips which stay out of sight when pinned onto hair.

While this simple peashoot design is the most popular, other goodies from Mother Nature are also available, including mushrooms, cherries and butterflies.

Photo: Weibo

Wear one at a time a la the Teletubbies, or sport an entire Flower Dome on your head – whatever you choose, you’ll be joining a, uh, growing movement.

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