H&M Conscious Exclusive: Pieces Of Art You Can Wear

Not to mention afford, reduce, reuse and recycle!


If you ever regarded eco-friendly fashion boring - well, now’s the time to dump that thought forever (no recycling this one). And it’s all because of a new fashion collaboration from two unexpected bedfellows. 

This season, H&M Conscious has teamed up with the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Museum of Decorative Arts & Design) in Paris on a special Exclusive collection that is at once dreamy, glamorous - and easy on the environment.

The pieces from the collection are inspired by the museum’s archives and reference historical fashion and artwork by icons like Gustave Moreau. And going by these preview photos, we say they’ll make you look like walking pieces of art too.

Beautiful as it may be though, the real highlight here is the collection’s sustainability. 

As much as we love shopping and fashion, the industry as a whole is a big consumer of depleting natural resources like cotton. H&M, as a massive fashion conglomerate, has long been looking out for new ways to decrease the negative impact it has on the Earth, and the Conscious collection is a big part of this initiative. The diffusion line utilises recycled or sustainably produced materials and processes to create each piece.

In particular, this new Exclusive collection brings “the idea of sustainability to new levels,” says H&M creative advisor Ann-Sofie Johansson.

“Working with new innovative materials such as beads and rhinestones of recycled glass, and Denimite, a material made out of recycled worn-out denim, we have created contemporary styles imbued with a sophisticated charm,” she adds.

Fronting the collection campaign is French It girl Julia Restoin Roitfeld - daughter of former Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld. Previously the face of the H&M x Roberto Cavalli collaboration, Roitfeld says she is “honoured to be the ambassador of such a unique project.”

“I think that the idea of creating a collection inspired by the history of art and fashion is brilliant. Especially since it is made with innovative, sustainable materials which are the future of fashion,” she shares.

Can’t wait to snap this up? You’ll have to wait. The H&M Conscious Exclusive will only launch 7 April 2016 at H&M Orchard Building and online.

By the way, if you’re going to be in Paris at that time, check out Fashion Forward – Three Centuries of Fashion at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. The exhibition will house selected styles from H&M’s archives, including a look from its first designer collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and a piece from the new Conscious Exclusive. 

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