If Shoes Had Snapchat, This Is What Their Feed Would Be Like

Gucci brings its Ace Sneaker to life - literally


#24HourAce image created by artist Prue Stent

Ever wondered what it would be like if inanimate objects had their own Instagram/Snapchat/Twitter/Facebook accounts? What would they post? What would they say?

Gucci apparently asked itself the same thing, and voila - enter the Gucci #24HourAce project centred around the brand’s next It shoe, the Ace sneaker

As part of the project, artists from all around the world took turns to take over the fashion house’s Snapchat account for an hour each on Wednesday, 27 July. 

#24HourAce video created by Geeoh Snap

Creatives included Brazilian street artist Ananda Nahu, HongKong director Frank Nitty and Norwegian Snapchat artist Geeoh Snap. Beginning in Tokyo and ending in New York, each of them took Gucci’s signature tennis shoe and put their own fresh, fun and quirky spin on it.

If you missed the Snapchat takeovers, fret not. The creatives have also produced short 1-minute videos featuring the Ace sneaker that have been posted on Gucci’s Instagram account. 

A sneak peek of the #24HourAce video created by James Kerr.

One of our favourites is a hilarious short by Canada-based animator James Kerr, where we follow the Ace sneaker around for a day in its life. The motorcycle-riding sneaker heads to work, aces (pun totally intended) a presentation, jumps out of the window halfway through the day to hit the beach, then meets the love of its life…in a club. Talk about #likeaboss.

The label’s #24HourAce project, like its predecessor the #GucciGram campaign for the Gucci Tian, Blooms and Caleido motifs, smartly utilises modern, digital artists to bring its key designs to life. 

Through these efforts, the Ace Sneaker, the Tian bags and more, have become more than just another article of clothing sold by another brand — they’re now something we can all connect with on a personal level, making them so much more covetable. Gucci, keep ’em coming.

Check out all the #24HourAce video projects by the creatives here or on Gucci’s Instagram.

Photos: Gucci

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