Get Your Clothes To Fit Perfectly Every Day

How to keep that skirt from riding up your thighs, and other essential fixes


Isn’t it annoying when your favourite dress or top, after many wears and washes, ends up a little too stretched out? Or when that piece you bought online arrives at your door, only to have a less than perfect fit? We feel you. But hold on, there’s no need to chuck them. Give your not-quite-there pieces a new lease on life with these easy wardrobe fixes.

Peekaboo shirttails

We love the classic shirt and pencil skirt combo for work, but when the hem of a shirt is too short, it’s hard to keep it neatly tucked into your bottoms. Thankfully, it’s super easy to keep your top from straying. Secure it to your underwear with safety pins, or stick it to your skirt with fashion tape — that way, your top won’t budge no matter how much you move.

Loose waistbands

Unless you have your pants tailor-made or only own bottoms with elastic waists, you’ve definitely experienced pants that fit amazingly everywhere else except the waist. Yes, you could send it to the tailors to get it altered, but that’s just way too much work. Here’s a simple DIY hack: Just sew a length of elastic onto the inside of the waistband for the perfect fit with zero fuss. 

Skirts riding up your thigh

Probably one of the biggest issues we have when wearing skirts, is when the darn thing rides up our thighs when we’re walking - or worse, clings to our skin due to static. To counter that, wear a slip made of a super smooth fabric under your outfit to reduce friction. Ultra smooth fabrics like silk, rayon or acetate work best.

Off-shoulder tops that won’t stay in place

If you, like us, are obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops or dresses, you’ll understand the love-hate relationship we have with them. Yes, the silhouette is chic, but when you lift your arms (say, to reach for something), the neckline immediately pops up so there’s a constant need to adjust it. To prevent this, tape your sleeves to your shoulders with fashion tape - or try this clever trick using only rubber bands and safety pins.

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