How To Find The Perfect Ballerina Flat For Every Foot

It’s not as easy as it seems


Shopping for ballerina flats seem straightforward. They’re the simple slip-ons we usually wear to work or on casual days out. But how many times have you gotten blisters from ill-fitting flats? Or had your toes pinched in a too-tight pair?

There’s actually a whole science to shopping for ballerina flats. So we spoke to David Bell, co-founder of footwear label Pretty Ballerinas, on the best way to shop for ballerina flats and how to find the perfect pair for your feet.

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How to shop for ballerina flats

Take the time to find the ultimate pair of ballet flats for yourself. As Bell suggests, “if you have time, try every shape of ballerina flats on, get your sizes for each shape and see which shape suits you best. Then you can get out all the colours in that shape to find the pair with the perfect fit and colour for you”. (In other words, first find a really, really patient sales assistant.)

What to look out for

It’s all about finding the perfect balance. “It has got to fit, because you need to look good but you also want to walk —-it has to be wearable in every way. The perfect ballerina flat should grip your foot with a gentle caress instead of squeezing the life out of your foot. It should also not be so loose that it’s slipping off,” says Bell.

Lindsay small leopard print flats, by Pretty Ballerinas.

If you’re petite…

“I’d stay away from anything with an ankle strap or that cuts the foot. You can also pick styles with heels or a slight platform for a little bit of height,” notes Bell.

Ella tan lace-up, by Pretty Ballerinas.

If you’re tall…

Go wild and try pairs with lace-ups to balance out your proportions.

Ella mustard bow, by Pretty Ballerinas.

If you want your legs to look longer…

It’s all about creating an illusion. Bell suggests getting pointed styles that give an effect of a longer leg.

Rosario nautical espadrille, by Pretty Ballerinas.

If you have wide feet…

Get a pair with a wider shape, especially around the toes. You might also want to stay away from pointed styles that taper at the front. Bell suggests the Rosario flat from Pretty Ballerinas, which is cut with a generous, wider shape that specially caters to people with wider feet.

Shop Pretty Ballerinas at or at #02-47 Paragon.

Photos: Pretty Ballerinas

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