Finally, Running Shoes Designed For Women By Women

High performance, say hello to high fashion


Those of us who are as fashion-conscious as we are active will know how hard it is to find that perfect pair of sneakers that can both keep up with our lifestyle - yet not drag down our personal style. 

All too often, the ones with the best support are waaayyy too chunky to match any outfit not meant for the gym. And those with the coolest designs? Usually only available in men’s sizes, pffft.

So yes, #thestruggleisreal. But fortunately the good folks at Adidas have felt our pain. How do we know this? They’ve teamed up with female athletes from around the world to develop the PureBOOST X - the first running shoe created for women, by women.

While many running shoes for females are adaptations of styles designed for males (sad but true), the PureBOOST X was created solely with women athletes in mind. According to Adidas, which sponsors several marathons around the world, the number of female runners is growing globally, so this caters to the expanding market.

The result? A slim, adaptive silhouette that cossets the foot and has a higher arch to give better support. Through motion capture research, the sports brand also discovered that women’s feet tend to experience a lot of expansion in the forefoot, which explains another unique design feature of the PureBOOST X: The arch that’s “floating” and isn’t glued to the sole, which means it can accommodate that expansion plus support a wider range of motion.


What’s just as important is that the arch is made of an adaptive stretch mesh that wraps underneath the midfoot to make the foot look smaller, so it will look just as good with that power suit (seriously) as with your Lululemons.

Said Jennifer Thomas, Adidas’ senior director for global brands, running, “The most common feedback we received during our years of working with female athletes was the desire for a running shoe with looks to keep up with the energy of its performance. PureBOOST X is a product of innovation and style working in perfect harmony to meet the demands of today’s versatile female athlete.”

The Adidas PureBOOST X is $169 and available online and in-store now.

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