Fashion That Measures Your Mood Is Now A Thing

Hussein Chalayan has gone where no wearable tech has gone before


By now, we’d all know of and even own a piece of wearable tech. Tech accessories have also found its place in fashion, with the likes of Hermès and Michael Kors dipping their toes into the industry. 

Most designer wearable tech gadgets have so far been fitness-focused, but wearables that work with mental health could soon be on the way.

For his Spring/Summer 2017 collection presented in Paris, Brit designer Hussein Chalayan worked with technology company Intel to create a pair of sunglasses and a 3D printed belt.

The glasses contain various sensors that read heart rates, breathing rates and EEG brainwave waves, and the information is transmitted to the belt. The result is a measure of the wearer’s stress levels, presented as images projected onto a wall on the Chalayan SS17 runway. Depending on the how anxious, emotional and fearful the models wearing the high-tech set were, the images would change accordingly.

Hussein Chalayan has always been a pioneer in melding fashion and technology, creating dresses that melt away and outfits that literally change and transform, so this partnership comes naturally. 

While we were hoping to have a wearable device that tells us when we’re too high-strung or working way too hard ASAP, Chalayan’s design is still in its developmental stage so it won’t be available for sale anytime soon. On the bright side, hopefully it paves the way for more chic-tech designs that go beyond tracking the distance we’ve run.

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