Fashion Designers Want You To Stop Ironing Your Clothes

Put that steam iron down


You read that right — this Spring/Summer season, it’s time to stop ironing your clothes. Besides silhouettes, colour and fabrics, designers were also playing with texture this season, sending models down runways in rumpled dresses, tops and trousers.

If we only spotted it at one fashion show, it might seem like a fashion assistant was just not very adept with the steam iron. But the trend was seen everywhere, from Alexander McQueen to Bottega Veneta. Even the queen of sleek Victoria Beckham created slinky slip dresses with a crumpled fabric and a large dose of “I don’t care” attitude. If Posh Spice herself approves, what’s stopping us from jumping on this wrinkly bandwagon?

Now, you must be wondering how we normal folk can rock this without looking like we literally rolled out of bed. As seen on British label Margaret Howell’s runway, white shirts are a fail-proof piece to try this on. Also, keep your outfit print-free, and pair a crumpled piece with a smooth one for contrast. Wrinkles work particularly well on metallic and shiny fabrics too, as the creases catch and reflect light in multi-faceted ways, adding another layer of interest to your ensemble.

Here’s the best part of this completely unexpected trend: You won’t even need to head out to buy yourself anything new. We’re not kidding when we say you could just ball a top or skirt up, throw it in your wardrobe and wait a couple of days for it to crease.

If you’d rather not ruin your existing clothes, look out for pieces that are made with crepe or have micro-pleats while shopping for pre-made wrinkles. It sounds redundant, but remember when we all bought crazily ripped jeans? Yeah, this isn’t too far off.

So put your clothes iron far, far back in your drawer and click through above for some style inspiration on how you can rock your wrinkles!

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