The Go-To Brands For Asian-Fit Glasses

Longchamp, Tiffany & Co and Coach are just some of the names with frames that flatter our face.


Let’s face it — the coolest sunglasses out there are frequently not made for Asian features. As much as we admire those spiffy shades, it’s highly unlikely that they’d fit us in exactly the same way as they are seen on Selena GomezRihanna or Gigi Hadid.

But that doesn’t mean that we are resigned to sunnies/specs with nose pads that stick out a mile from the frames. There are also many choices specifically designed to fit the Asian face. These are designed to complement flatter and rounder facial features, as well as for greater comfort (no more oily smudges from your cheeks being constantly squashed against the lens!).

Oh, and this French brand goes one step further with lenses that protect your eyes from the glare of digital devices. Check it out if you’re a screen addict (well, who isn’t one these days?).

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