Ezzati Amira Is Making Bollywood-Inspired Outfits Work For Everyday

The designer is shaking it up for her third run at KLFW


When Ezzati Amira was designing her upcoming SS16 collection, she found an exotic and unlikely source of inspiration. "I saw this photography series titled Men with Flowers in India," she tells ELLE Malaysia. "I'm always inspired by looking at amazing photography and I like looking towards cultural themes for my collections."

Ezzati's S/S16 collection mirrors the vivid colours and tones in the simple portraits of men on the streets of India. "It's like Bollywood, but not too fancy, and the silhouettes come in the form of tunics and caftans," says Ezzati of her new collection. "I imagine a modern, urban woman who's more self-assured would wear these pieces. Sometimes I will design my collection on how I imagine I will look in the future."

This will be Ezzati's third KLFW, but despite her success she still has occasional self-doubts. "Sometimes I feel a bit insecure when other designers are doing things that I'm not doing. This is my dilemma every time I come out with a new collection. I'll ask myself – will this design work? Will people buy it? But at the end of the day, when customers buy my clothes, I wouldn't care what other people are saying because I know my designs work."

Known for her feminine fusion style, Ezzati Amira's designs have always stood out on the runway, but how does she embrace her own personal style? "You have to follow your heart and your instincts. I once wore a bundle top that looked a garbage bag! But I managed to make it work for me," she laughs. "You just need to know how to pull off your look and then you'll gain the confidence to own it."

This article was originally published on ELLE.my. Check out ELLE Malaysia's full coverage of KLFW here. Kuala Lumpur's annual KL Fashion Week Ready-To-Wear runs from 12 to 16 August.

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