Elegant Ways To Show Some Skin At That New Year’s Party

No boob or butt-baring required


Many of us take holiday parties (be it Halloween, Christmas or the New Year) as a chance to be a little more bold with the way we dress, sometimes even bordering on risqué. But if you’re heading to a gathering where your folks, relatives or even potential in-laws are going to be at, that skin-tight backless dress with a plunging neckline might not be the best choice. This doesn’t mean you have to cover up completely, however — here are four ways to look sophisticated, with a dash of cheekiness.

1. Slits

Want to show off your gams but not too fond of miniskirts? This Fall/Winter 2015 trend is the way to go. Slits, whether it’s on the side or centre, add subtle sexiness, and instantly jazzes up stuffy silhouettes like the classic pencil skirt. Just be sure to pick a dress or skirt with a slit that’s not too high — the rule of thumb is no one should be able to see your underwear.

2. Go off-shoulder 

Off-shoulder tops have been everywhere this year, from the runway to the streets, and there’s good reason for it. This sleek shape is a great way to accentuate your décolletage or killer collarbones without letting the girls out.

3. Bare that midriff

Yes, you can definitely show your midriff even when you’re not at a music festival. To keep it tasteful, skip your Daisy Dukes and cropped tees and go for a chic bandeau paired with a long, full skirt to balance out the whole look.

4. Strategically sheer ensembles

Remember the nearly-naked dresses famously worn by Rihanna, Kim K, Beyoncé and J Lo on the red carpet this year? Here’s a version that even us regular folks can rock. Instead of a frock that’s translucent from top to toe, get one that’s mostly opaque, with strategically placed sheer panels from the hips down or around the décolletage, so you can show some skin without actually showing any.

Photos: Imaxtree

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