8 Curvy Fashion Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

Because style has no size


For the longest time, fashion seemed to be an exclusive club, where only the rich, famous and super-skinny could sign up. Thankfully, with reforms within the fashion industry underway, and calls for the projection of a healthier, realistic body image, fashion has become something every single one of us - no matter your race, age, gender or size - can appreciate.

This year, we saw more plus-size models walking down fashion week runways and appearing in brand campaigns, along with a growing number of curvy fashion bloggers. What we love about these chic women is that they completely debunk every single fashion rule that’s ever been made, flaunting their style with so much confidence, it hurts.

So here are eight of our favourite fashion bloggers you need to follow on Instagram now, for pocket-sized style inspiration wherever you go...and whatever your size.

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