Chanel’s J12.XS Watch Has An XL-Sized Personality

Tiny doesn’t have to be boring


Throughout its evolution, Chanel’s J12 has been reinterpreted in a range of dimensions by its designers. The very first model had a diameter of 38mm — perfectly sized for its sporty, unisex style. Since then, as the brand has expanded its J12 collection, the timepiece has been reworked as both slightly larger and smaller variations.

With going small being a big trend in women’s watches of late, there’s little wonder that Chanel has opted for a downsized release of the J12 this year. What’s unusual is that this recent scaling-down is one of unprecedented proportions — the new J12.XS is half the size of the original J12, measuring a tiny 19mm in diameter and aptly named to match the reduction in heft. But don’t mistake it for another dainty watch designed to appeal to delicate feminine tastes, because the J12.XS has got individuality in spades.

Not solely a watch, the J12.XS comes with a range of luxe accessories and in creative forms that allow one to wear it in unexpected ways. If you’ve always appreciated the decorative aspects of a watch as much as its time-telling capabilities, then the J12.XS is just the timepiece you’ve been seeking. Intrigued by the bold watch-slash-jewellery hybrids seen above? Check them out at the Chanel Fine Jewellery Boutique at #01-04 Ngee Ann City.

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