The Best Red Carpet Looks From The 2018 VMAs

From gowns, to suits, to minis.


Over the years, the MTV Video Music Awards (or the VMAs) has given us several iconic moments. Miley Cyrus — one minute into her hardcore Bangerz phase — grinding on Robin Thicke, Madonna and Britney sharing a surprising kiss in 2003, Kanye in full Kanye-splendour telling Taylor Swift "Imma let you finish," Britney with a python draped around her shoulders dancing to Slave 4 U! The list goes on.

For this year's VMAs, which are set to attract everyone from musicians to models to makeup gurus, the pink carpet has been rolled out in preparation for more iconic moments.

Will Kim Kardashian arrive with a tiger on a leash? Will Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas reenact their proposal in front of a live audience? Perhaps Taylor Swift will come out of hiding to proclaim "No, I'm going to let YOU finish" to a frazzled Kanye West wearing his wife's shoes.

Whatever is on the cards, we're ready.

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