The 10 Best Celebrity Looks At The 75th Golden Globe Awards

There was “black magic” on the red carpet.


While you were sleeping last night, the A-listers of Hollywood were out on the red carpet at the 75th Golden Globes, glamorously dressed in head-to-toe black. Household names like Margot Robbie, Dakota Johnson and Zoë Kravitz turned up at the Beverly Hilton (where the event was held) wearing the sombre colour as a sartorial protest against sexual harassment in the industry — a heavily discussed topic since the Harvey Weinstein debacle happened.

The #TimesUp movement brought solidarity to red-carpet fashion and also inadvertently displayed the versatility of black. There were dramatic show-stopping numbers and spangled designs that proved one could never look bad or boring in the colour, and here are the female celebs that, in our opinion, were the best-dressed.

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