How To Wear Couple Outfits Without Looking Cheesy

These stylish stars show us the right way to go matchy-matchy.


If your Valentine’s Day plan is to go out for a romantic dinner with your significant other and the both of you wearing something matching, we applaud your love for each other and... bravery. But before you step out in your couple-y outfits, you need to read this.

You see, the idea of matchy outfits may sound cute, but here's a word of caution — it could all too easily run into cheesy territory. One thing that's for sure though — people will definitely be looking at you two.

So how can you make sure that your matching ensembles are a style win? Here’s a great idea: Instead of picking T-shirts or sweaters with gigantic motifs, try colour-coordinating your outfits. Remember to pick a colour that works for both of you... if pink isn’t his hue, don’t force him into a pair of fuchsia trousers, honey.

Not sure where to begin? Consider taking inspiration from the #CoupleWearGoals of these style-savvy celebrity couples.

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