Careaux Would Cry For A Week If RiRi Wore Her Designs

The Puma collaborator lends a romantic touch to the sports brand


Take one look at the Puma x Careaux collection and you’ll see that the range stands out from the German sports label’s usual aesthetic with plenty of pink, rose prints and feminine silhouettes peppered throughout the collection.

Netherlands-born graphic designer Caroll Lynn aka Careaux is responsible for this softer, more romantic tangent for Puma. The creative is known for her sneaker-inspired digital artwork, which gained the attention of Yassine Saidi, global head of lifestyle at Puma, who approached her for a collaboration in 2014.

The rest, as they say, is history. We had a chat with Careaux on working with Puma, her love for sneakers and why there is a growing interest for sneakers among female shoppers. Read on for the full interview!

Which sneaker model was your first love?

That is really a good question because I had to actually think about this for a minute. It must have been the Nike Air Max One that made me fall in love with sneakers.

Why do you think more women are beginning to love sneakers?

The women's sneakers that are released nowadays are so good. Think about, for example, the Rihanna Puma creepers or Fenty furry slides. The sneaker industry used to be dominated by men, but I feel like all the big brands have started to focus more on females.

Do you think women have a different taste for sneakers compared to men?

I think most women who are really into sneakers like to wear a fresh pair of bright sneakers like I do, and create an outfit around it, whereas men are overall more into the OG (original gangster)-releases.

How many pairs of sneakers do you own?

I lost track a long time ago, mainly because I travel a lot and live in Sydney half the time, so my sneakers are literally everywhere. But I can say I have well over 100 pairs.

What are your favourite details in this Puma collaboration?

The gold in every sneaker, jacket and apparel.

How did you mesh your personal style with Puma’s aesthetic?

A detail that’s in every piece from the collection is a rose print called the "Dedication Flower". There’s also a lot of pink as it is my favourite colour, and the use of pastel because I think those two go well together. I always used to wear black clothes actually and I prefer gold jewellery, so I’ve incorporated those two colours as well.

If you had to pick a favourite sneaker from the collection, which would it be?

I can't decide between my cuties! I don't want to hurt them. But let me whisper white ;)

Who would you love to see wear your design?

Rihanna! Please? I would cry in a corner for seriously a whole week.

How would you convince a woman who only wears heels to give sneakers a try?

Imagine yourself traveling to work every day. Biking to the train station. Catching every train on the dot. Also you need to have tea and something to eat while you sit on your bun for 1.5 hours on the way to work. So would you rather struggle on needles or be FOREVER FAST? I wear dresses, and I combine them with my sneakers and it works.

What are 3 tips you have for shopping for sneakers?

Decide upfront what you want, because it makes the hunt much easier. If you’re looking for special releases, I would suggest looking on eBay or Klekt. Alternatively, you could go to a major sneaker event like Sneakerness! You never know what steal you might find.

The Puma x Careaux collection is available at VivoCity Puma boutique now.

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