Attend A Secret Dinner Inspired By The Kaiser

The Karl Experience is a meal that involves set designers, fashion collaborators, performance directors — and oh, a team of chefs


Just like fashion, this is an experience where you should expect the unexpected. You book your tickets beforehand, without being told the venue (it's only revealed on the day itself via a series of clues). You work up an appetite for the night, without knowing what's on the menu. And you sit at the table with people you've never met, to watch entertainment you have no prior knowledge of.

Welcome to The Karl Experience, a pop-up theatrical dinner by underground secret-restaurant specialists AndSoForth. Given the ‘Karl Lagerfeel’ treatment, this edition promises to be the most fashionable installment so far in the company's repertoire, and will be set in the dystopian future where a chosen few live in the sky while the rest of the population is forced underground. Think machinery, metal and neon lights, plus a sprinkling of - as the organisers say - magic dust.

And the food? It'll be a molecular-inspired four-course meal put together under the direction of Glen Tay, who has seven years of experience in avant-garde gastronomy. Yes, only the adventurous need apply.

The Karl Experience premieres August 19. It runs every Wednesday and Thursday (tickets sold at $98 per person), Friday and Saturday (tickets sold at $108 per person) until September 12. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are available here.

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