Are You Wearing Your Bra Correctly?

Seven simple steps to getting the right look and feel


It’s important to know how a bra should properly fit — getting it right can help your girls look firm and perky. The experts at Triumph have these seven recommendations.

1. Make sure the underband is comfortable yet firm - it provides 80 per cent of the support for your breasts so it shouldn’t dig into your skin or leave red marks.

2. The back and front of your bra should be parallel. Fasten to wear on the loosest hook when your bra is new, then on the inner hooks over time so you enjoy the same amount of support.

3. The sides of your bra cups should not come up too close to your underarms. If they do, the cup is too big.

4. Your breasts should fit neatly into the bra cups, without spilling over or wrinkling.

5. The underwires of your bra should lay flat against your rib area, without poking or rubbing against your skin.

6. Your bra’s centre front panel should sit flat against your body, in that natural indent between your breasts.

7. Your breasts should be supported naturally, halfway between your shoulder and elbow. Re-adjust your straps to find that perfect height.

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