Are You Saying These Brand Names Right?

Let's get them straight once and for all


Fact: Women are still butchering brand names every day. Most recently, it seems we've been mispronouncing "Zara" (say "zdah-dah"); for true authenticity, we should be replacing the "z" with a soft "th", and the "r" with a "d" .  

Are we doing phonetic justice to our other favourite brands? Here's a rundown of the correct pronunciation for some of today's most beloved labels and brands, to spare all future blushes.

1. Hermes: Air-mez

2. Chanel: Shar-nelle

3. Givenchy: Jee-von-shee

4. Bvlgari: Bool-guh-ree 

5. Lanvin: Lahn-vahn

6.  Herve Leger: Ah-vay Lay-jah

7. Cartier: Car-tee-air

8. Louboutin: Loo-boo-tairn

9. Comme des Garcons: Comb-day-Gah-sorn

10. Louis Vuitton: Loo-wee Vwee-tahn

11. Illamasqua: Ill-ahh-moss-ka

12. Rochas Row-shass

13. Guerlain: Gair-laan

14. Anna Sui: Ah-nah Swee

15. Balenciaga: Bah-len-see-arh-gar

16. Elie Saab: ee-lee-saab

17. Shiseido: Shay-say-doh

18. Marchesa: Mah-kay-zah

19. Clé de Peau Beauté: Clay-der-poh Boo-tay

20. Keratase: Kerr-er-stass

21. Chopard: Show-pard

22. Loewe: Loh-eh-vay 

23. Moschino: Moss-key-noh

24. Longines: Lawn-jeen

25. Giambattista Vialli: Zham-bah-tees-tah Vah-lee

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