Are You Ready For The Tracksuit Comeback?

Seriously - should we ever be?


When Elle Fanning shows up in a Gucci tracksuit at the brand’s Cruise show after-party, you know you gotta start taking that throwback trend seriously – especially when it comes on the back of news about one-track-pony Juicy Couture joining the ranks of ‘90s brands that are making a comeback.

Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez and Amy Poehler in Mean Girls.

For those who don’t remember, there was a point back in the early 2000s when everyone from Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Lopez to pre-Kanye Kim Kardashian rocked velour trackies from Juicy Couture. Just call it a precursor to the activewear trend.

But as the fervour for the fuzzy, matchy ensembles came to an end, so did the brand – which closed all its boutiques in the United States in 2014.

Or so the world thought. According to WWD, Juicy Couture will be releasing a capsule collection exclusively at Bloomingdale’s next month. The timing couldn’t be more perfect, what with athleisure and ’90s themes dominating fashion trends recently.

But while the comeback is triggering all sorts of #NostalgicFeels, I’ll be staying away from the candy-coloured trashsui...sorry, tracksuits, which along with happy coats should never leave the house (can’t wait to see if Kim Kardashian-West picks up the trend, though!). Let’s keep 2004 where it belongs, shall we – in the past.

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