Are You Hip Enough For These Kicks?

Make your own fashion statement – no one can accuse you of being too wrapped up in yourself


Woot! Technology and tradition are best buds again, thanks to these comfy, lightweight and lotsa-fun Furoshiki footwear - our new travel must-have.

Created by Japanese designer Masaya Hashimoto in collaboration with Vibram (makers of the love-it-hate-it FiveFingers shoes), these babies are inspired by the elegant, patterned cloths that the Japanese traditionally use to wrap and carry items in lieu of bags. There are no laces to be found; simply slip your foot into the heel cap of the sole, bundle it up in three simple steps, then secure the ends of the fabric flaps to the velcro patch at the heel.

Various hues available, including Black, Aqua and Jeans. Parcel up a pair for yourself at Vibram’s Japanese online shopping site, where they retail for USD140 (approximately SGD197). Or if you happen to be in Tokyo before 30 August, you can get them at the temporary pop-up store at Snack Café Kaho, in Harajuku. 

Photos: Vibram

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