70% Of Women Are Wearing The Wrong-Sized Bra

But not Jean Danker, Hong Ling, Vanessa Fernandez and Jessica Tham — read their secrets here


Yes, it’s true: Seven out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size. And what’s startling is that 29 per cent of these women do it knowingly, according to a study by Triumph.

If you’re one of them, your twins are either being squished daily, or simply not getting the support they need to forestall gravity and sagging. 

To grow awareness of this issue, Triumph invited four tastemakers – Jean Danker, Hong Ling, Vanessa Fernandez and Jessica Tham for a fitting. Based on their sartorial choices, lingerie experts then recommended bras that not only complimented their figure types and lifestyles, but also took their wardrobe staples to the next level.

We got them to share their bra-fitting experience and spill the beans on their best-kept body tips and hacks.

Jean Danker, 37

MediaCorp Class 95FM DJ

Jean wears the Triumph Maximizer Aqua Deep V. “The Triumph Maximizer Aqua Deep V has great uplift. It is softer, silkier and gels seamlessly with my contours. My ‘girls’ look happy in it!”

What really strikes you about the popular Danker is how down-to-earth and comfortable she is in her own skin. “I’m usually dressed in ratty-tatty jeans, flats and my different jackets, and I tend to prefer my hair in a fuss-free ponytail,” she shares.

“Victoria Beckham is my style icon. I relate to her simple, elegant, classy and edgy style, and love almost everything in her line.”

Asset management

“Growing up, I struggled to find the right bra. So I believe it is very important to get fitted right,” the DJ confides.

She now knows what works for her and what doesn’t. “When it comes to bras, it’s all about simplicity, function and fit for me. I need to be able to talk, breathe and host my shows in them. I don’t like strapless bras — I always feel like I have to tighten them by a notch to prevent them from dropping, so I don’t feel comfortable in them.

“I’m also a bit of a loyalist. 
If I like a design, I’ll buy five of the same in different colours.”

Jessica Tham, 28

Blogger @tippytapp

Jessica wears the seamless Triumph Body Make-Up Bra. “The Triumph Body Make-Up Bra is comfortable, imperceptible and keep bulges in check. It feels like I’m not wearing anything. It simply feels like a part of me.”

Jessica loves fashion. Her Instagram is packed with #OOTD posts. And on a regular day, the young fashionista is always on the go. She shuttles between meetings for brand collaborations and is setting up an online fashion store plus a pop-up for her new label. When she’s not in work mode, she loves cooking, reading and hanging out with her girlfriends.

Easy breezy 

“My style is minimalist. I prefer neutral tones, classic cuts and functional designs. I also love ‘lazy’ clothes  — stuff that I don’t have to iron, and can just slip on and go,” she explains. Her attitude to bras is equally fuss-free: “Once I’ve put it on, I shouldn’t have to think about it or feel self-conscious about it.”

Innerwear notes

“My worst bra nightmare was when I wore the wrong bra to a wedding once — it kept showing through my outfit and made me really self-conscious,” Tham shares.

“It’s really important to pick the right bra for your outfit, and get yourself fitted every alternate year, as your body changes. Some people wear bras that are too small, causing their boobs to spill out or resulting in ‘back fat’. The right bra is a shortcut to a better body shape and image.”

She adds, “Confidence in your body shape, how you carry yourself and your choice of clothes is far more important than boob size.”

Hong Ling, 21

Mediacorp artiste

Hong Ling wears the Triumph Forever Young Shape Support Bra. The Triumph Forever Young
Shape Support Bra gives me better support and a rounder, 
more uplifted cleavage plus
a slimmer silhouette.”

After she was talent-scouted at Temasek Polytechnic for Channel U’s Hey Gorgeous programme in 2013, Hong Ling stole Singaporeans’ hearts by playing the daughter of a coffee-shop owner in the long-running drama 118. This year, the starlet was nominated Best Newcomer in the Star Awards. 

Personal style

Shy, sweet and soft-spoken, Hong Ling is probably one of the most unassuming celebrities you’ll meet. “My style is best described as casual and fuss-free. When I’m not filming, I tend to wear a lot of T-shirts and simple sundresses,” she shares.

Bosom buddies

After the Triumph fitting, the impressively endowed young star reveals that she had been wearing the wrong size all along! “I thought I was a ‘B’ [cup], but just realised I’m a ‘C’,” she laughs.

“I’ve been wearing the same size since I was 16 or 18, and I don’t buy my own bras. My mum goes bra-shopping for me and simply picks out the same size and style for me. Perhaps because I haven’t been getting the right fit, my bras tend to shift around a bit, and by afternoon, I always have to readjust them.

“A good bra won’t shift, and will help you maintain your shape better.”

Vanessa Fernandez, 33

MediaCorp Lush 99.5FM assistant programme director

Vanessa wears the Triumph Forever Young Super Support Bra with the Shape Sensation Long Corsage and Long Leg Girdle. “The Triumph Forever Young Super Support Bra, together with the Shape Sensation Long Corsage and Long Leg Girdle, gives me great support, and fits amazingly. It also gets rid of lumps and bumps. A good bra is more important than a nice outfit.”

Vanessa’s got big plans and even bigger dreams. And whenever she talks about music, she radiates enthusiasm. Besides curating Kaleidoscope for Lush 99.5FM and for Zouk Singapore’s Velvet Underground, she’s performing as one-half of electronic duo Octover for Singapore: Inside Out in New York. She also recently received a National Arts Council grant to produce an EP (an extended-play musical recording).

Fashion DNA

The radio programme director by day and performing musician by night explains: “My typical work day includes meetings, projects and music events. In terms of fashion, Marc Jacobs’ designs resonate with me the most because they’re the perfect example of comfort and creativity.”

Breast revelations

Considering that her boobs blossomed ahead of her peers’ at the tender age of 14, Vanessa is a bit of a bra expert. “As you get older, certain things are less important. But bras aren’t one of them. Wearing the wrong bra can cause armpit fat to develop over time.

“The right bra, on the other hand, is gravity-defying and especially important if you have bigger boobs. It provides essential support and has an anti-ageing effect. A good bra also makes you feel empowered. It enhances your posture and shape, makes you look a lot better in your clothes, and boosts your confidence and mood!” 


Visit Triumph for your own complimentary personalised fitting session, discover ‘the one’ for you, and experience the difference for yourself. Find out how a well-fitted bra supports your own pair, empowers you and elevates your wardrobe choices. 

Art direction: Karen Chng

Photographer: Aik Chen

Styling: Gracia Phang

Hair: Peter Lee/Hairloom using Goldwell

Makeup: Brenda Lye/Palette Inc using Guerlain 

Jean’s outfit is by Miss Selfridge; Jessica’s outfit is by Topshop, accessories, by Forever 21, hat, stylist’s own; Hong Ling’s outfit is by Mango, necklace by H&M; Vanessa’s outfit is by Love Honor from What Women Want. 

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