#5MinuteHack: How To Cuff Your Shirt and Jeans Stylishly

Because folding repeatedly is too basic


What’s wrongly with traditional rolled-up sleeves and hems? Well, nothing really – except the fact that the more you roll, the tighter the cuff gets till it almost cuts off your circulation.

Watch the video below to get flawlessly cuffed sleeves that won’t make you turn blue.

For jeans, there are more options when it comes to cuffing.

Thick cuffs work better with wide-legged pants that are a little loose. Fold the jeans in by one inch, and repeat.

If your jeans is of the same colour inside and out – you can get away with an extra wide cuff. Otherwise, the contrast may make you look stumped!

Skinny cuffs are best done on tighter fits in order to create a streamlined silhouette. Fold the jeans in by half an inch, and repeat.

Rolled-up cuffs are casual and cool – perfect for boyfriend jeans. Fold the jeans in by one inch, and instead of folding it into a tight crease again, roll the cuff up loosely to give it an undone look.

Now go practise! 

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