#5MinuteHack: How To Build A Capsule Work Wardrobe

Never spend more than five minutes getting ready in the morning again


Five minutes is all you need to get dressed in the morning. Seriously. Whether you’ve simply slept through all five alarms or hit the snooze button too many times, there is a way to make sure that you’ll still be out of the house in a jiffy – and immaculately dressed for work.

The secret? A capsule wardrobe. With studies showing that the average woman spends 12 minutes a day deciding what to wear each morning, simplifying your wardrobe can really help you save up to an hour a week – without feeling like you’re running out of things to wear.

Think about it. Being able to get dressed for work in under five minutes may not be a life-changing achievement, but the ease, functionality and confidence that you will look the best for work despite missing the alarm is not a shabby skill to have at all. Click through above for the 10 workwear essentials you need to own for a streamlined routine!

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