5 Style Rules To Stand Out From The Office Crowd

Because YOU are different


We know how it is – you’ve just finished shopping and are really pleased with your new haul, which you feel is really you and expresses your personality. Then you wear it to work on Monday and, lo and behold, a dozen other people on your floor are in something similar. Suddenly, what you just bought seems awfully common, and there’s nothing left to do but consign it to the darkest corner of your cupboard.

But how to shop so that that doesn’t happen? How to not look like the thousands of other women at Raffles Place on a weekday, each striding to their offices in their peplum tops, pencil skirts and practical flats?

It’s simple, really. Here are five easy-to-follow style tips brought to you by Fossil that will ensure you never look like just one of the crowd. 

1. Forget common colours

Black isn’t called boring for nothing. If you want to your personality to pop, pick pieces that make a statement via unusual hues or prints. Think items like this cute Sydney Crossbody ($289) that features colourful leather cut-outs inspired by kaleidoscopes.

2. Break your silhouette

Many women find it difficult to veer from figure-hugging clothing because of their (often unfounded) fear of looking fat. But it’s actually easy to give yourself a different silhouette and still look your best. Start with trying one non-bodycon item, like palazzo pants or a dramatic top, and you’ll soon see how much more fun dressing this way is! 

3. Invest in unusual accessories

What makes something unusual? An element of surprise. Like the Fossil Q collection – a series of watches and bracelets (from $277) that look classic but have a fun secret stowed: They link up to an app that, among other things, assigns you challenges to pique your curiosity every week. Of course, you can also customise yours with a plethora of straps.

4. Raise your hair game

Straight dark tresses are so zzz-inducing. For a quick and easy way to pep up your mane, try this trend. Or add some sparkle to your office with this.

5. Wear humour

There’s nothing more fun and individualistic than a private joke between you and your outfit. Boss nagging you? Fiddle with the key-printed fob on your Emerson Satchel ($489) and open the door to a less humdrum world, or admire the handsome face of your Perfect Boyfriend (Watch; $309) as he/she fusses on. Just try not to smile to yourself too much.

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