5 Rules To Looking Chic In Gold Jewellery

Go boldly into yellow territory


If you still think gold jewellery is better suited to your mother or women of a certain age, think again. These days, the precious metal comes in so many modern and chic designs that make it just as versatile and wearable as white gold or silver.

Some shy away from the yellow-toned metal, for fear that it’ll look flashy and untrendy. Others worry about not being able to carry off its colour, which is really an issue of one not daring to venture out of her comfort zone.

There’s no reason to be wary of gold because everyone can wear it. Here’s the secret: Choosing your ideal piece is a little like buying red lipstick — you just need to find the shade that will work for your skin tone (learn more in the tips below). Apart from that, a little confidence when wearing it is requisite. 

1. Don’t over-gild the lily

If you’re wearing a gold statement piece, keep your other jewellery minimal or wear nothing else at all (except your clothes, of course).

2. Wear it with black

Stark black brings out the best in gold. This classic combination works like a charm, whether you want to bring focus to a chunky piece of jewellery or add interest to an all-black outfit.

3. Mix your metals

The modern way to wear just about anything is to avoid being matchy-matchy. Go ahead and throw together a stack of bracelets in white, rose and yellow gold or even silver and leather for effortlessly cool arm candy.

4. Find your shade

It’s true that gold looks best on darker skin tones that lean towards olive. If you’re fair, go for a lighter shade of gold — 14K would suit you better than 18K or 22K gold (the smaller the number, the less gold content the jewellery piece has and along with that, a lighter yellow tinge).

5. Go high-low

Gold jewellery, while dressy, can also make great casual-chic accessories. It’ll look just as good worn with a white tee and jeans as with a cocktail-appropriate LBD. 

Photo: The Street Muse

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