5 Must-Haves From Gucci Cruise 2017

These pieces are worth precious closet space


Gucci’s Cruise 2017 show on Thursday made history in more than a few ways. There was the location – Westminster Abbey, where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married but where no fashion show had taken place before. Then there were the clothes themselves – Alessandro Michele introduced several firsts in the freewheeling presentation whose influences swung from Carnaby Street to Camden to The Clash.

Which gives everyone even more reason to pick up some pieces from the collection. Below, ELLE fashion director Sharon Tulasidas highlights five must-haves – and the justification you need to spend on them.

1. Cat print anything

Michele’s been big on tigers before, but he introduced a cat print with his pre-Fall collection. With Cruise, he’s expanded that into various versions, including one in a tribal style and another that has a bit of a rock vibe. It looks like cats are turning into one of his signatures, plus they’re fascinating – what more reason do you need to get one?

2. Snake bag or coat

This collection turned up an interesting and more artisanal rendition of the snake print, which more often appears in a beaded form. The front strap of the bag is formed by the head and the tail of the snake, which is pretty awesome. And the intarsia coat is just gorgeous. Yasssssssssss.

3. The new GG buckle

The classic GG logo has had an update – it’s now supersized and more ornate. Some versions come studded with pearls, making them look a bit reptilian. It’s evil chic!

4. Hoodie

There’s a bit more of a street style with this collection, and nothing says this more than the hooded sweaters. This one heralds the return of logomania and is very London.

5. Floral print skirt

This is the first time Michele has used a Gucci Flora print on the outside of a piece (he’s used them as jacket and coat linings before), which means not only is it pretty, it’s also a keepsake!

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