5 Items We Wish Marty McFly Would Retrieve For Us

We mark Back To The Future Day with a wardrobe blast from the past


It’s Back To The Future Day, and while everyone is thinking about hoverboards, self-tying sneakers and life in 2015, we’re reminiscing about stuff we want to spirit back from the past because they would have been awesome in our wardrobes today, dammit.

Remember these?

1. Moschino belt

With Jeremy Scott on board, Moschino is – as Derek Zoolander would say – “so hot right now”. And what better way to wear the brand than emblazoned across your waist? (Or abdomen, as was the style in those days. Don’t judge.) 

2. Ferragamo headband

Hair accessories made a serious comeback this year, so boy are we bemoaning the death of our Ferragamo headband. Not only was it super comfy to wear, it would also have helped pretty up that current feral trend: Unwashed hair.

3. MCM clutch

We put this out to pasture when the brand died in 1997 after its founder was accused of tax evasion. Now we’re wondering, why, why, WHY? MCM has steadily been growing more popular since its new South Korean owners relaunched it in 2006, and this roomy piece would’ve been perfect for throwing in all manner of mod cons, from our oversized smartphone to our Kindle.

4. Versace jeans

Another back-in-a-big-way brand, another regret. Okay, so no matter how cool they are, vintage jeans always look old-fashioned (it’s all in the cut, baby) – but we could’ve tailored them to look more Marty McFly circa 2015. Anything to have that Medusa head back on our butts.

5. Sonia Rykiel backpack

Backpacks are back in trend, quilting is back in trend…it seems the only thing that’s gone out the window is this rucksack, which we carelessly donated to the Salvation Army after secondary school. Someone lend us a time machine so we can travel back to get it?

Photos: Universal Pictures, Etsy, PPVIR, Tradesy

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