4 Ways To Up Your Warm Weather #ShoeGame

So you won’t be stuck wearing flip-flops 24/7


Besides picking the right clothes, one big style consideration to make when the weather is as hot as it is now, is footwear. While it may seem like the only logical (and definitely least chic) choice is to wear flip-flops everywhere, there’s really no need to limit or compromise on your style.

Read on for the best ways to keep your feet fresh in the heat, plus some cool options to have.

1. Pull up your socks

Block Zebra socks, $14, by Happy Socks from The Assembly Store.

Where possible, wear lightweight cotton socks with your shoes as they wick moisture away from your skin. The material also prevents sweat from building up in your shoes, which can cause nasty odours in the long run.

Socks aren’t reserved for covered shoes either. Rock them with sandals and even heels for a quirky, preppy vibe. No one will be able to tell you wore them for practical reasons.

2. Material matters

Yokole leather loafers, US$464 (approx. S$635.36), by Robert Clergerie from Net-a-Porter.

Picking a pair of kicks made of the right material is so important when it’s hot out. Forget plastic or rubber are - they’re not very breathable, so you’ll end up slipping and sliding on your shoes due to all the perspiration build up (eww).

Opt for shoes made of canvas and - surprisingly - leather, because these are more porous and thus encourage the evaporation of sweat.

3. Get your sport on

Nike Roshe Flyknit, by Nike.

There’s no better time than now to jump on the Athleisure bandwagon. Sport shoes or trainers are great for the warm weather because most pairs are made with technology that helps wick away moisture and sweat during exercise.

Go for lightweight pairs like Nike Roshe or Puma Pwrcool running shoes for optimal comfort and style.

4. Go sole

Natural cedar wood insoles, US$16.90 (approx. S$23.14), by Zederna from Amazon.

Don’t want to go out and get a new pair of shoes? Try using insoles to keep your feet fresh instead.

Look out for moisture-absorbent soles, like the ones above made of cedar. Insoles are especially great for high heels, since sliding on a wet sole can throw you off your balance, resulting in some very, very sore ankles. 

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