27 Things You Can Buy For $10 Or Less

How about a whole new wardrobe for the price of lunch?


So here’s the irony of the festive season: It’s a period when many of us receive the most invitations to go out and strut our stuff in all our finery. Yet, because we’ve blown our budgets on gifts for friends and family, we’re often stuck having to dredge up something old from our wardrobes to wear. And there’s no party downer like not feeling your best because you’re dressed in something you’re not happy in, is there?

Luckily, there’s a solution. Thanks to crazy prices and even crazier sales from online stores, you can get that new dress or kicks for less than the price of lunch - seriously.

In the name of duty, we trawled through a sea of e-tailers to find you the best and most affordable buys. Click through above for 27 chic pieces, each unbelievably priced at less than $10! 

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