15 Chokers That Won’t Make You Look Like An Angsty Teenager

Make the ’90s accessory work for your age


Everything we loved from the ’90s — from slip dresses to combat boots — have resurfaced over the year, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. 

There is one particular ’90s staple that we still can’t seem to have down pat: The choker. Back when we were tweens during that decade, the grunge-y accessory fit perfectly into our teen angst-filled world and wardrobe, sitting alongside band tees and miniskirts. 

Now that we’re much older and less angry, how can we rock the choker without looking like we’re trying too hard to reclaim our youth? 

First things first, put those plastic tattoo chokers away. For a more mature take on the choker trend, opt for a piece in luxe materials like gold, silver, satin and silk. Simple metal bands are great for every day, while ornate gemstone-filled creations will work amazingly for a night out.

Click through the gallery above for 15 gorgeous, grown-up options to shop now!

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