13 Comfiest, Cuddliest Cover-ups For The Office

Warning: These might make you feel like sleeping on your desk


Fellow nine-to-fivers, you’d know the feeling of having to deal with a freezing cold office all too well.

So don’t brave the chill without protection — we found the comfiest, cuddliest jackets, cardigans and sweaters that act as wearable blankets to keep you toasty warm and feelingr right at home in the office.

How did we know these were the snuggest pieces ever? Well, we looked out for soft materials like merino wool and cashmere, and smooth fabrics like satin and silk that will feel like a dream on your skin. We also picked out oversized silhouettes for added comfort, and lightweight options because not all offices have an overactive air-conditioning system.

Click through above for the comfiest pieces to shop now!

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