10 Things You Did NOT Expect About Alexa Chung

No 1: Even fashion It girls have moth-eaten wardrobes


If you were allowed to bring just one item to wear throughout a trip, what would it be? Most people would pick something normcore and classic, like a white tee or a black shirt. But Alexa Chung isn’t most people. The face of Longchamp - for five seasons now! - would choose a sheepskin bag (from the French brand, of course), because it “goes with everything”. 

But that wasn’t the most surprising thing the fashion It girl - dressed in a mustard Longchamp shift - shared with us over breakfast when she was in town recently for the launch of the label’s new boutique at Marina Bay Sands.

Below, 10 tidbits about Chung that nobody could’ve seen coming. Number one of which is - she’s brutally honest and hence totally comfortable admitting the following:

2. She knows she can use her looks to get what she wants

“At the beginning, I was resolutely feminist in the way I got dressed without understanding what that meant. But as I got older, I found myself drawn to something I wasn’t ever that bothered about, which was trying to actually look attractive!

“Now I think there’s power in being beautiful. You can get what you want in a different way…it’s a more delicate and feminine way to play your hand, but equally powerful.”

3. She’s not too cool to admit that she likes men looking at her

“I never felt comfortable being looked at by men when I was younger, whereas now I kinda welcome it – like, ‘hey, check it out!’. I like being a bit more fun and less like a nun about that.”

4. She doesn’t have a “get-ready” formula

“I’m not structured. It depends on so many things: How tired I am, how late I am… I try to think about it in the shower. I’m usually wearing jeans and I’ve always loved slightly quirkier bags and shoes to make an outfit more interesting. I just wear a basic jumper or jeans and I play with accessories to make it exciting.”

5. Her wardrobe is like any regular girl’s

“Very messy, very small and very undersized for the amount of clothes I have. It’s chaos…really bad…terrifying!”

6. …And moth-eaten

In Chung’s London home (she has a few, duh), her clothes are “currently under attack from moths”. “I wake up worrying about that every day!”

7. If she could meet another style icon for a day, it would be Jane Birkin

“I met her once and she wasn’t wearing any shoes. She was in a tux with no shoes, at the French embassy in Paris, walking on cobbled streets. You can’t really beat that.”

8. She listens to mainstream music

Well okay, she also loves Nick Lowe, David Bowie and Lou Reed. “But those are the cool ones. In reality, I’m listening to Rihanna, Pulp, Lana Del Rey and Father John Misty covering Cat Stevens singing Trouble.”

9. Just because she has everything doesn’t mean she’s always happy

In other words, she’s human despite her unearthly good looks. “I’m a spoiled brat. I have a really nice family, really nice friends, really nice job, really nice houses. How lucky am I? Everything has worked out… apart from the pit of loneliness that I dwell in day to day.”

10. She Googles herself (and watches YouTube videos of her boyfriends)

“It’s always worrying when you see a fuss being made about something. I just had this party for my fashion app in LA and there were all these tweets about what I said about people wearing chokers and Taylor Swift and I was like, ‘ohhhhh what have I said?’ And when I looked it up, it wasn’t even that bad!”

Other guilty pleasures? “That old Coldplay song – really embarrassing but actually quite good. Ugg boots – awful but comfy! And watching Dr Oz and YouTube videos of my boyfriends.”

The new Longchamp boutique is at #B2-81/82 The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue.

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