10 Fast Clothing Fixes Every Girl Needs

Never be bothered by snags and tears again


Always losing the back of your earrings? Or hate it when static-y clothing clings to you? We've got the thing for you. Here are 10 quick clothing hacks that are so easy, all your fashion problems will be gone in a snap.

1. Freshen up old clothes with vodka

Mix some vodka with water in a spray bottle and spray the solution on old, musty clothes before leaving them to dry overnight. Your clothes will smell brand new by the time you wake up.

2. Fix scuffed suede with an eraser

If you’ve got small scuff mark or discoloured spots on your suede shoes or bags, gently rub them away with a pencil eraser. It sounds almost too simple to be true — almost.

3. Ironing alternative

If you don’t have time to bust out your ironing board or steam iron in the morning, a straightener (yeah, the one you use for your hair) is a great alternative to smooth out wrinkled collars or pleats.

4. Replace earring backings

Isn’t it annoying when you lose the backing of your earrings? Here’s where erasers come in again. Cut off a small piece of a clean eraser and use it as a replacement in a fix.

5. Break in a leather jacket fast

To quicken the process where stiff, tough leather turns smooth and buttery, walk around under a slight drizzle (emphasis on slight drizzle) while wearing your leather jacket. Moving your arms and body around while doing so will also help make the leather more pliant.

6. Keep your zipper up

Keep the zipper on your pants up by looping a keychain ring through the zip’s pull tab then looping it over your pants button. Your zip will stay in place no matter what, we guarantee it.

7. Remove static

To prevent static build up in your clothes, attach a few safety pins to a towel or sock and place it in the dryer with the rest of your clothes. But if you’re already out and about, keep static at bay by applying a thin layer of moisturiser or lotion on your skin.

8. Get rid of snags

Got a snag on your sweater? Push it through to the sweater’s underside with the dull end of a needle, knot it and keep it all in place with a touch of nail polish.

9. Waterproof your canvas

Keep rain off your pair of Converse or Keds by rubbing beeswax over the entire shoe. Seal it in by blow-drying the shoes, and voila, your kicks are now waterproof.

10. Make your t-shirts super soft

Love how soft-as-a-cloud old or vintage t-shirts feel? Your new tees can feel the same way too. Just put them in salt water — usually half a cup of salt to a litre of water — for three days and you’ve got yourself a brand new vintage tee.

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