What Lin Chi-ling & Shu Qi Do For Flawless Skin

Pick up these celebrity beauty tricks, stat! 


Ever wondered how celebrities are always camera-ready? Obviously, they have their makeup artists to thank for helping them look their photogenic best. But honestly, no amount of foundation, cushion compact or concealer can completely erase skin woes like blemishes, a dull complexion or dark circles, especially if they are caused by irregular eating habits and bad sleeping patterns.

So, how do busy Asian beauties like Lin Chi-ling, Shu Qi, Fann Wong and others keep their skin in tip-top condition? It used to be a mystery but thanks to social media, it only takes a few taps on our mobile-phone screen to uncover the beauty secrets of our favourite celebrities.

We’ve trawled through their Instagram feeds to find out what they do exactly to achieve flawless skin. Ahead, their beauty rituals revealed. 

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