24 August – 23 September



Need somebody to help you work your new smartphone? Advice on diet? Or allergies? Ask a Virgo, the sign that specialises in facts at its fingertips and is always willing to help. It’s a pity, then, that Virgos are sometimes seen as picky perfectionists, because it’s not true: They just like to make everything as good as it can be. Their only fault is driving themselves too hard; relaxing a little, taking a step back and seeing the big picture would help.

Your September 2017 horoscope:

Many times in the past you have let yourself give in to the preferences of others, simply because they had louder voices. But now you are determined to make your own views heard, and to do what you know to be right, on your own if need be. This is a side to you that few have seen - but your fierce energy, and your refusal to be deflected from your course, will bring admirers to join your cause.

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