23 November – 21 December



To Sagittarius, practical considerations are minor details; it’s the big ideas that matter. Hopeless dreamers? Actually, no; this is the luckiest of signs, and somehow, everything turns out right for them. They are clever and perceptive, yet wear their knowledge lightly. High ambition and career plans bore them: It’s all too much like hard work, and Sagittarius would rather go travelling.

Your September 2017 horoscope

After all the difficulties of the early part of the year, life now settles into a much more pleasing rhythm. The main elements in your life are the same as before, but you seem to have found a better way of fitting them in with each other, and you feel more comfortable with the result. Will it last? For the rest of this year, certainly; but after that you’ll be looking for something new.

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