19 February – 20 March



Sensitive, imaginative, adaptable: Pisceans are able to match their behaviour to the mood of the moment. It’s intuitive. It’s why so many Pisceans work in fashion and the media, because Pisces picks up a trend almost before it’s started! They are also the best agony aunts; when she says she feels your pain, she really does. But being all things to all people is exhausting, and every Piscean needs a space where they can be themselves. 

Your September 2017 horoscope

The next few weeks may be emotional times, but it’s important to realise that you are in no way the cause of the upheaval. You are a mirror to what is going on around you, and unable to influence its eventual outcome. You should simply bear it, as much as you can; or, if that isn’t possible, step to one side and let it pass. 

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