21 March – 19 April



Fit, feisty and always up for adventure, Aries has the energy the other signs can only dream about. Success is a direct result of effort, so if you try hard enough, you must succeed, right? Yes, but only for your sign: For the rest, life is complex! Yet even you meet with obstacles, and the usual symptom is a headache — you’re beating your head against a metaphorical wall. It’s the cosmos telling you to find a way round the problem, not through it.

Your September 2017 horoscope

You are looking very carefully at a relationship. So far, everything between both of you has been fine, but you want it to be more than that. Spend the next few weeks doing your favourite things together - it will either be a lovely end to the affair, or the moment when the spark between you finally becomes a flame. Either way, you will have no regrets.

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