You Won’t Need Lash Glue To Put These Falsies On

Getting flirty, fluttery lashes is going to be a whole lot more fuss-free


Unless you’re genetically-blessed with naturally full, long lashes (we’re not jealous at all), we all have our favourite methods to cheat our way to them. From layers of mascara to falsies and eyelash extensions, there are numerous methods to get the effect we want.

The problem is, they all have their pros and cons. Mascaras flake or smudge off; falsies are uncomfortable and can look unnatural; and eyelash extensions require a lot of care and maintenance.

If you’re not a fan of any of the three traditional lash-extending methods, fret not, there’s a cool, new solution — magnetic lashes.

One Two Cosmetics’ One Two Lash is made up of two magnetic-strip falsies — one to be placed under your existing lashes and another to be placed above. These two falsies, attracted by magnetic forces, clamp together to give your lashes an extra oomph, without the messiness and inconvenience of glued-on false lashes.

As its name suggests, the One Two Lash can literally be put on in two seconds. They’re also reusable, lightweight and easily removed just by gently rubbing the magnetic strips together to break the hold.

There are four different versions in varying lengths and volume to choose from. For those who just want to subtly accentuate their eyes, go for the Accent Lash. Want full-on drama? Opt for the in-your-face Bold Lash.

The One Two Lash is going at US$59 a pop, so convenience definitely doesn’t come cheap. Also, international shipping will only be available from September onwards, but for fuss-free and flirty lashes, we say it’s totally worth the wait.

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