You Won’t Need Earrings With This New Beauty Trend

Who knew ears could be so chic?


We’ve seen some pretty crazy beauty trends in the past year, from coloured eyebrows to tie-dyed hair.

And while those might have a polarising effect (you either hate ’em or love ’em), here’s a pretty new beauty trend that everyone will love — ear makeup.

Photo: Anthony Vaccarello and Louis Vuittion
Ear makeup was first spotted back in 2014, on Anthony Vaccarello’s Spring/Summer 2015 show in Paris, where models were sent down the runway with inky black lobes. Louis Vuitton and Opening Ceremony have also since used the beauty technique in their fashion presentations with silver glitter, and it’s now seen everywhere on Instagram.

While most beauty trends seen on the runway are hard to translate for everyday life, ear makeup — as out-there as it is — is surprisingly easy to achieve. 

Photo: @violette_fr via Instagram. 
All you really need is a liquid eyeliner, a steady hand and a heavy dose of creativity. Apply an even layer of black eyeliner on the bottom-half of your earlobe à la Anthony Vaccarello, or carefully outline your ear with metallic or shimmer eyeliner for something more minimalistic yet dreamy.

Photo: @nataschap via Instagram.
The great thing about using liquid eyeliner for this is, it’s available in so many different shades that you can easily switch up and mix-and-match colours according to your mood. Also, liquid eyeliners are usually more smudge-proof, more vibrant, and last longer than its gel and pencil counterparts and thus, will give you the best finish.

Whether you want to add a subtle accent to your everyday look, or go all out for a wild night, ear makeup is so chic and infinitely cool, you might never need to wear earrings again. 

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