You’ve Been Wearing Your Perfume The Wrong Way

Stop doing this NOW


While there isn’t a right or wrong spot to dab on your fragrances, Sumit Bhasin, vice president of P&G’s Global Prestige and Flavor & Fragrance Global Capability Organization, says there’s something people should stop doing when putting on their perfume.

“I’ve seen this gesture in Singapore a lot – the rubbing of the wrists. It’s something a lot of people do when they shouldn’t be doing it,” says Bhasin.

“In hotter climates like Singapore, fragrances evaporate more quickly and when you rub both wrists together after applying a fragrance, it actually increases its evaporation rate even more. Rubbing doesn’t help with anything - it only introduces heat and friction. You should just spray on your fragrance and let it be,” he explains.

If you’re looking to smell great for longer, Bhasin recommends reapplying your fragrance every three to four hours or moisturising your skin before spritzing some on. “Moisturising helps lock some of the perfume’s aroma chemicals and molecules into skin, so the fragrance releases a little slower over time,” he says.

So remember, don’t rub.

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