You Only Need This To Create A Signature Makeup Look

Time to tone it like you own it


So we were flipping through a bunch of celeb magazines when we realised something: The secret to the distinctive makeup looks of A-listers is down to one simple thing - a single, signature lip colour.

It totally makes sense, when you think about it. Sticking to one statement hue defines your entire look, no matter what shade of eyeshadow you go for or how you draw your eyeliner. Pick a colour that pops with your personality and it’ll be the first thing anyone sees coming.

Consistency is key, so remember to flaunt your pout in that chosen shade every chance you get.

But how to select the right colour for yourself? While there’s no shortcut to finding your perfect lippie hue except by trial and error, what you can do is get inspiration from celebs themselves.

Click through above to discover who’s rocking what, and which you can steal for yourself! 

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