Why You Need To Add This Booster To Your Skincare Routine

Take your anti-ageing game to the next level


Imagine your skin surface as soil. With time, the protective layer becomes more compact and impenetrable. This function serves well to prevent your body from being attacked by external aggressors like pollutants and irritants, but from a skincare perspective, it inhibits your skin from absorbing the benefits of your anti-ageing products.

The new Clarins Anti-ageing Treatment Essences range was created to overcome this paradox. Designed to unlock and penetrate the protective barrier, the trio of age-specific essences (Multi-Active for 20s, Extra-Firming for 30s and Super Restorative for 40s) prep skin to allow anti-ageing ingredients to penetrate into its deepest layers and maximise the efficacy of your skincare routine.

“Our Anti-ageing Treatment Essences act as both a toner and a softener. They remove dead skin like a toner does, and also have the hydrating property of a softener,” explains Dr. Olivier Courtin-Clarins, managing director of the Clarins group and third-generation Clarins family member.

The first product of its kind in the Clarins family that targets anti-ageing concerns of specific age groups, the Treatment Essences introduce a new step to your skincare routine. They are designed to be used before a serum and it is optional if you wish to use a toner before the essence.

I started using the Extra-Firming formulation (for 30s) after a trip to Cambodia, where the heat, humidity and overexposure to the sun caused my skin to become dull and dry. After a month of daily use, I’ve noticed that my skin is visibly smoother and more hydrated, thanks to powerful hydrating ingredients like fig extract and hyaluronic acid.

I usually skip the toner when using the essence, as I feel that the latter’s softening effect is good enough for me. It plumps up and preps my skin so well that everything glides on nicely when I apply my makeup in the morning; and using it at night ensures I wake up with softer and more supple skin the next day.

For application, simple pour onto a cotton pad and dab lightly over face for ten seconds, or use your hands to gently pat the essence onto your skin for 20 seconds as a pampering face massage.

Multi-Active Treatment Essence ($70), Extra-Firming Treatment Essence ($83) and Super Restorative Treatment Essence ($108) are available at all Clarins boutiques and counters from 25 July.

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