Why Every Woman Should Have A Makeup Routine

Because practice really will make your makeup perfect


When it comes to daily makeup application, having a regular routine going is super important. As with any other habit, practice makes perfect, so here are some ways you can establish a good makeup regime:

#1. Set a regular time and place for makeup application.

As a mother to a restless toddler, I never have enough time to myself to get my makeup on before I leave the house. So I slap on skincare and sunscreen then drive to work and in the office carpark, I get my makeup on fresh before I step into the office. And you know what? Whatever your makeup place and time, remember, it is also some ME time. Enjoy it. Just you, your makeup products and your face.

#2. Keep a Pinterst board of makeup looks that work for you & new looks you want to try.

Having a routine doesn't mean you have to stick to the same look every day of your life. There's so much makeup inspiration going around on Instagram, Pinterest and online... So be inspired and try new things, girl, even if it's something as subtle as eyeliner in any shade other than your usual black.

#3. Get honest feedback on your makeup.

Being in the magazine industry means having access to no holds barred feedback from colleagues and makeup artist friends. But industry insider or not, we all need someone to tell us when our foundation isn't blended out well, or if a lipstick shade makes us look completely washed out. Find a good sounding board, whether it's your BFF or your mom, and just live and learn.

Photos credit: Instagram @kimkardashian

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