Why Are YouTube Beauty Gurus Putting Tape On Their Faces?

Meet beauty’s stickiest new trend


First, there was clown contouring, then we had strobing. Now say hello to the Internet’s newest, weirdest beauty trick: Tape contouring.

Since January this year, beauty gurus on YouTube have been posting tutorials using tape to help contour skin to Kim Kardashian-perfection. And it’s not some kind of special beauty tape, either - it’s regular arts-and-crafts tape you can get from your nearest Popular bookstore.

It sounds super weird, but once you’ve watched a couple of tutorials, it all starts to make sense. Gurus are using the tape as a guide, pasting it on the perimeter of areas where you usually apply your darker contour colour: Around the cheekbones, along the hairline and jawline, and down the nose bridge. You then apply your bronzer within the guides, remove the tape and blend out the harsh edges for beautifully bronzed skin.

According to YouTube beauty guru Huda Beauty, using tape helps create a more precise and symmetrical contour. Want to try it out? Check out her full tutorial below!

Besides contouring, here are other cool ways you can use Scotch tape in your makeup regime:

To create the perfect winged eyeliner

To create the perfect French manicure at home

Or just for really fun nail art

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