Which Of These Haircuts Is An All-Time Classic?

We get the answer from a professional hairstylist


Fresh from Paris Fashion Week where she assisted session stylist Sam McKnight at the Emanuel Ungaro Fall/Winter 2016 show, hairstylist Sha Shamsi discusses experimentation and knowing what your best ’do is.

What’s a key factor to consider when deciding on the best hairstyle for you?

Face shape. A general rule of thumb: Round faces are great for short layers, heart-shaped faces are great with a pixie cut or sweeping bangs and a layered shoulder cut, oval faces need angular bobs and square faces need layered bobs and subtle bangs. Also remember: What works in the magazines isn’t necessarily manageable.

How can the wrong hairstyle break your look?  

Your hair is an important element in completing your overall look, so you need to understand why a sleek ponytail goes with a high-collared shirt or a tousled mane complements a maxi-dress. There must be balance.

It’s said that as women age, they should stop sporting long hair…

I disagree. Women can wear any hair length at any age, as long as it works for their face shape.

What’s the best way to experiment with different hairstyles without losing your personality?

Try using wigs if you’re thinking of growing your hair out. Get your stylist to give you fake bangs to see if they work or if you feel comfortable with them. Bangs were a hot look at Paris Fashion Week.

What’s a timeless hairdo most women can pull off?

That, in my opinion, would be a China-doll bob like Anna Wintour’s. She’s had that look for years and it remains fresh. Supermodels have it in different lengths, either super-short or just above the shoulders.


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