What Your Makeup Really Says About You

Who knew a flick of your eyeliner could mean so much?


As women, makeup is a big part of our lives. Many of us use it every day, lots of us love it, and plenty of us aren’t sure we can live without it. We copy looks from our favourite celebs and are constantly trying out weird trends, like the Kylie Jenner challenge or glitter roots.  

Not Raynald Lehongre, though. The international makeup artist for French beauty house Guerlain has been in the industry for 25 years, and believes that makeup is all about revealing who a woman is on the inside, instead of blindly following what’s new and hot. So, what would your makeup look like if it’s a mirror image of how you feel inside? Lehongre gives us an idea.

How do you think a woman’s makeup style can channel her personality?

A lot of women think makeup is a part of their identity, but I think it’s an accessory that reveals your beauty. And the beauty you exude is not the same every day, because your mood, your hair, the light in your eyes, is not the same every day. If you’re not going to wear the same clothes every day, why do so with your makeup?

How do you assess what personality suits what kind of makeup?

To me, makeup is a melding of my artistic interpretation as a makeup artist, and a woman’s personality. You need to understand and tune in to what a person likes, because your technique and style can be great, but if your client doesn’t enjoy or feel comfortable in what you've done, she’s not going to like it. It’s a discovery of what a person needs, what she likes and does not like, then picking that up and creating something beautiful.

What do specific makeup looks say about a person?

Makeup can say a lot about a person with just the simplest steps. Like darkening your eyes with eyeliner in the waterline creates a deeper, seductive and more intense persona. While subdued browns swept across the lids create a fresh, soft look. Just a bit of eyeshadow or lipstick can make all the difference.

Do you think makeup should be transformational or reflective of the wearer?

I believe makeup is about revealing the beauty within, instead of a transformation. If you completely transform, you’re not yourself anymore. But if you think it’s fun, it’s your choice, go ahead! For me, there’s nothing worse than looking at someone with makeup, then seeing somebody else when they remove it — it’s like a bad surprise.

Guerlain Khôl Me Kajal

What is your favourite makeup look on a woman?

I don’t have a specific look — my favourite is when my model is happy with what I’ve done for her because she can see her own beauty enhanced. I like when I do something that makes a woman feel confident. If it’s a favourite product on a woman, it would have to be Guerlain’s Khôl Me Kajal. For me, it’s the product — when paired with red lipstick — that can really change how a person looks with a snap of the finger. I like that it can create a wow factor very quickly.

Guerlain Météorites

What is unique about the Guerlain way of making up?

Guerlain is my perfect companion, because it encapsulates my makeup philosophy. It’s not a brand that follows trends; it’s makeup for everyone, every day. When you look at all its collections, everyone can use it for any occasion, be it for a gala or just going to work. Like the Météorites illuminator and Terracotta bronzing powder — they’re not exciting but very iconic.

Guerlain Christmas 2015 Collection

What does the Christmas 2015 collection represent, in terms of spirit and soul?

I love it, everything is so easy to use even when Christmas is over. It’s also beautifully packaged and captures the dreamy feel of the festive season. It’s fresh and sparkly (like snow!) and makes you feel like Christmas is really here.

Photos: Guerlain & Imaxtree

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